My paintings allow a window into the interplay between man’s internal and external universe. Through this window I energetically express my interaction, fascination and sense of play with nature and the cosmos.

 The landscapes are not site specific but an amalgam of visual and emotional responses to many places I have visited or studied. Within this sense of play I can allow the viscosity of the medium to paint the unknown, to arrest control and to explore ideas. Fluidity of the paint captures the natural fluid patterning’s of the constantly moving spinning earth and all that is in and around it. After all, Time is motion. This is not an excuse for chaos but, is to discover order and solutions within the intimacy and engagement of the process. The union begins when I marry omeba forms of differing colour values of paint harmoniously encouraged to merge at my will. I basically Pivot between the dualities of structure and chance, literally and metaphorically. The metaphysical space entered is distilled into a flowing concentrate and manifests a desire to share my connections with spirit and matter. I hope to ignite a sense of playful investigative approach toward your own yearning to create and explore and gain a sense of wonder, igniting an emotive response. Occasionally structural lines force there way in to my process to break up the constant flow as if to feel and view both sides of the coin and seek the centered point. The scraping back into the concealed layers is done  in a  liberating fashion to add another dimension. 


Why do I Create?

I am expanding my own universe of possibilities in the realising of my spirit. It’s a path to potential and evolution, investigating my own unique patterns of duality and unity. Through painting and study, I discovered some of the similarities of Macro and Micro worlds. I am immersed in a merging struggle and ease during the process. It’s a dance of reaching out for patterns and structure and liberation of spirit. I am never completely detached from the ebb and flow, as Daniel Vargas Gomes acknowledges in the essay on ‘Art as an encounter’ it’s part of the engagement, thus the artist is an extension of the creation. Light and dark have equal value of necessity in life in general, we ourselves are a duality. Our possibilities expand as we realize the multitude of patterns to infinity. I get a kind of feedback loop when painting and researching, one encourages the other.  It encourages a harmonious reunion internally and externally. Our consciousness expands. The challenge of uniting Spirit and matter and intellect is the driving force. Technology, science and philosophy have all taken big leaps through humanities ability to unite spirit and intellect, to be creative, to push themselves to their unique abilities for the whole of society to embrace. The 2oth Century witnessed and embraced a variety of concepts. That was a pivotal turning point for artists to feel liberated from biased opinions. Artists can explore themselves and ideas freely. The mystery of Abstract work is not always transparent to the viewer but to me, they represent note taking of bigger existential ideas. Painting the unseen. From antiquities to Sci Fi, the subject matters are endless.

The Blank Page    

I’m guessing, most of you know what the blank page experience is like. We stare and ponder and clean the hidden items in the back of the cupboards, pace up and down and generally try to gear ourselves up to create, and hope for some divine guidance, at least that’s what I do when trying to get in the zone of apply newly discovered ideas. This is possibly why, after completing a four year study in Advanced Diploma in Visual Arts,  I went on a two year research for the Sublime , The God Particle, vibration, music, Cimatics, ancient civilizations, Science fiction and none fiction, recapping on cosmology and biology and the Unified force field, Zero point and the Implicate order of the Holographic universe.

 David Bohems ideas around “The Implicate order”, “where everything is enfolded into everything”, where everything is related, philosophically parallels with my process to paint all things at my will, it’s a platform from which to jump and be the multi-disciplined artist I AM, to paint the seen and unseen, landscapes, moonscapes, other planets, Abstract visions relating to music and physics because it all connects and I need my imagination to run wild. Bohem goes on to say ‘The totality of Movement, of Enfoldment & unfoldment goes beyond what has revealed itself to our Observations. The cosmos is in a state of process, I too am in a state of process. We are all in a state of process.

As Heidegges and Gadamer put it,” it is my own spirituality of values that is the force from which I forge a material expression,”” this relationship interwoven with our surroundings makes it the most outstanding expression of the human spirit.”


Quote: I am much more interested in achieving unison with nature than in copying it.

George Barque,in Notebooks 1917 1947